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Greenwich is a Township with a diverse population. There are those who have been here for many years and value the history of the region and the farming community and are very concerned with keeping development in check.  Many of these people are senior citizens and have done a lot over the years to add to the quality of the Community Then there are the newer members of our community, many of who educated    professionals.  I was amazed as I was listened to some of them speaking at the Asphalt Hearings.     It seems that there is a lot of common ground between the old residents and the new residents of Greenwich when it comes to wanting a Green healthy environme Working Together, I feel that Greenwich/Stewartsville needs to come together . We should value leaders who can listen, acknowledge and respect the opinions of the residents . Compromises will have to be made, of course, but we should not be afraid to encourage and consider ideas brought forth by our residents. Never be afraid of someone elses ideas                                                                         .  

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